Why Aurus Fine Jewels will change your glam game

Aren’t we just overdone with the ready to wear off the rack jewellery? Well, here’s introducing Puja, the co-founder and owner of Aurus Jewels an Ahmedabad- based jewellery designer. Puja discovered her draw towards artistic learning’s in the world’s culture capital and quickly shifted her careers from a biochemist to Jewellery Designer at Fashion Institute of Technology, New York’.

As an art enthusiast Puja, was actively associated with New York’s finest museums- The Metropolitan Museum and the Brooklyn Museum of Art. Having been exposed to the world’s finest jewellery tickled her sense to launch a jewellery line of  her own. After shifting to India in 2015, she initiated her first boutique jewellery store- Aurus. Within two years, the brand has grown from a mere flagship store to its presence across globe via e-commerce and retail websites.

Aurus not just has a line of elegant ancestral jewelled pieces but also readily customises for the brides. Aurus like to ensure that the brides are walked through the entire process of this discovery to land at a piece that will make them look and feel their best on the most special day of their lives.

Aurus understands its bride’s philosophy, suggestion, niche and budget to bring out an extravagant piece of art. Jewellery is an object of permanence and transcends with age and time, passing on through generations.

Thus, Aurus believes that there are pre-conceived emotions attached to it and makes sure that each piece is designed with utmost precision. Hence, its role as a designer of fine jewellery becomes very pivotal to offer to the bride, not just a family heirloom that may gather dust in bank vaults for most part of its life but a beautiful object of adornment that echoes the sentiments of a bride on the day of her wedding. It has to be something that completes the vision of her perfect wedding!

Today, Aurus offers an avid space to all the jewellery needs for one’s occasion. From building a jewellery trousseau incorporating pieces that can be worn across different wardrobes to a bride’s wedding day jewellery. It is graciously growing with time and within its journey of two years has immense goodwill here and overseas.

Puja shares, Aurus Ultimate Style Statement as a lady, ‘A linen and gold woven sari teamed with a dark trench coat, a tassel-necklace peeking from beneath the lapel, high-heeled pumps, an emerald and pear diamond ring that is gleaming from behind a thick tome clutched firmly in the hand of the muse while she makes her way through the streets of New York City.’

Aurus is highly inspired from the old Victorian and art deco pieces as well as the brilliance from the Mughal regal pieces. Puja also, allures over ancestral jewels and believes in bringing lots of amalgamations to the pieces through the vintage tint.

Aurus aims big in the coming year. They want to launch their e-commerce style in 2018 and plan to continue to expand their studio collection as well as fusion pieces that have garnered a lot of interest.

Puja’s Advice to the new age brides:

Don’t compromise your wedding look because the stores you visit don’t have that one thing that makes you go ‘ah-ha.’ It’s your special day and it needs to be as perfect as it can get. Make sure you buy exactly what you envision. Stores such as Aurus, offer customisations because they know that every bride has her own unique style, taste and budget and strive to deliver exactly what they have in mind.

Puja’s reveals six accomplished Jewellery Designer’s one must follow:


Joey Arthur Rosenthal, is an American Jewellery Designer, You cannot just walk-in to his salon to buy Jewellery, his pieces come up periodically for sale at auction houses and are grabbed at record-breaking prices.

Instagram: @jewelsbyjar

Viren Bhagat:

An Indian Jeweller, he creates jewels synonymous with contemporary work of art. Producing only a few pieces, not more than sixty a year. He is also referred to as the Indian JAR.

Anna Hu:

A New York-based Taiwanese Jeweler, highly colourful, bold in scale and often exotic in gemstone choice. Hu’s pieces span both east and west in terms of cultural influences.

Instagram: @annahu_hautejoaillerie


Based out of Munich, they were awarded to acknowledge outstanding achievements in science and art, specialising in medals and orders, whose clients include the Bavarian Royal family.

Instagram: @hemmerle

David Webb:

An American Jeweller best known for his enamel Jewellery of animal themes. Webb’s designs are distinguished by a bold use of colour, dimension and meticulous attention to detail.

Instagram: @davidwebbjewels

Hanut Singh:

He has been quietly designing Jewellery that at once reveals his modern sensibility, appreciation of history and obsession with craftsmanship.

Instagram: @hanut101  




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