Loving something or someone is a choice you make. You choose to love your partner, work, kids, pets, life! Love is like a switch, it flips on usually making you feel overwhelmed, flowing in just like a strong wave. At this moment, let’s laugh in abundance, hold hands, dance to our favorite song, love our ugly and beautiful, stare at each other without a blink and make love for days.

That emotions of being ‘in love’ is an insane place to be, and a very temporary one. This emotion will lead you to two extreme paths, one where you are obsessively in love with that part of your existence. Another when you lose that feeling in one walk of life, having a domino effect on the rest of your world.

Like any flight you take, there will be turbulence. At these moments little things about this someone or something start to bother you. Having an argument with your kids or a bad argument with your partner or not being inspired at work doesn’t mean that your relationship with your kids or partner or work needs to be put in the recycle bin. It means that you need to take the time to understand yourself, talk, reflect and work on your emotional connections.

This also doesn’t mean you are any less in love, but you are given a choice to either continue being on that aircraft or jump out using your parachute. Before you choose to use your parachute, let’s talk about inconsistency.

While I was enjoying a Sunday evening in the park with my dog, when a little girl asked me an unsettling question: “Do you want to know how your dog will be mean to everyone who loves him?” I didn’t want to know, but I heard her anyway. She said, “Well, treat him very nicely for a few weeks, then come to the park and beat him for no reason. Once again treat him well for a few days until he trusts you and loves you again. When he is least expecting it, once again hurt him. It won’t be long till he’s being mean to everyone’s dog and barking”

This story really stayed with me, cause the fact is inconsistency not just with canines but even with someone or something we love is extremely unsettling. So that choice to jumping out a plane away from someone you love or loved can be a tough one. If you use your parachute, leaving that love behind, you will either make yourself stronger or weaker. But in no time you will be back a different airport ready to take on yet another plane to continue to love.

Us as human beings, we find it difficult to love a particular someone or something consistently but are always looking for that feeling of being ‘in love’. Being ‘in love’ in not constant but ‘loving’ is since we always on some flight trying to find ways to make it on to another!