What you need to know before you decide to get married

“It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages”, said Nietzsche.

And I say, he saw it coming; the growing aversion towards marriage as an institution in this day and age.

I have been married for a little over 17 years and it has been quite a journey, one that I wouldn’t have had any other way and with that experience, I believe the crux of any marriage is the underlying friendship, the innate compatibility and a clever sense of selflessness. But the modern generation seems too cool for this school.

I met with Nandita Munshaw who runs a boutique matrimony agency called Sadaiv Rishtey. We chatted over the change of trends in marriage and what the present generation is looking for when and if they are ready for that commitment.

As social beings, we all crave companionship and do decide to board the wedding train at some point. Sadaiv Rishtey has been in business just short of two years now and has successfully matched eight couples. Their database is not just pan India but exists globally inclusive of specially challenged individuals.

What she has realised through her experience is that the most important thing to keep in mind before you say ‘Yes’ is giving it time. Most families or the couple get swept up in the romance of it all and rush into it only to realise they are a disastrous match. Just because you went to abroad for your education or your family has known each other for years does not mean you got the same exposure or have the same interests.

This is something I have encountered on a personal level as well. There was a time when a courtship had to mandatorily turn into a marriage because divorce was still a taboo topic. Now, we live in a free culture where the courtship romance may or may not turn into a lifelong relationship and that’s okay. Individuals move on to someone new because they tested the waters and realised it wasn’t for them. There are live-in relationships, dating culture, dating apps and the whole shebang that comes with no-strings attached; which makes the whole institution of marriage futile.

Somehow, this phenomenon has still not seeped into the Indian culture and we still look for the perfect matches for our sons and daughters. While matrimonial sites are becoming increasingly unreliable due to the lack of physical familiarity, we need some agents to broker marriages that are truly a match made in heaven.Sadaiv Rishtey does exactly that. The information they gather from their clients is not the archaic height, complexion and astrological info but rather interests, educational qualifications, ambitions and plans, a more pragmatic approach towards their niche clientele.

They ensure that not just the individual’s lifestyle but also their intellectual wavelengths match because wealth and looks will fade, what lasts are your efforts and understanding. She believes that the two individuals should have the same belief and value systems if they are to harmoniously live together. She wouldn’t even set the first meeting if she doesn’t feel that it seems good to go. Her entire database is online and includes individuals from Hong Kong to Africa and charts the entire globe with all details being communicated via discreet channels to ensure the client’s privacy.

As a mom of two, a son and a daughter, Nandita herself experienced how her kids chose to marry outside the realm of Indian society when they found American partners. They’re happily married with kids and she’ll be visiting them this month from May 14 to May 27.

If you’re from the United States and wish to register or schedule a meeting with her, you can do so by calling on the number mentioned below.If you’re looking for a matrimonial agency that understands the modern need of the society, get in touch with Sadaiv Rishtey by calling +91 98240 33313. You can follow them on Instagram and Facebook. 


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    Bindu S Mehta

    Excellent! Unique concept
    Really appreciate the effort
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    The way you have explained the base of a relationship is beautiful.I completely agree on the points of what’s we need to consider before saying yes for a lifetime commitment.

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