Upcoming jewellery trends by Karma Designs

Why does Jewelry from India has to be centered around Ethnic styles of Mogul times or similar? If we dig out deep, and go centuries back Tribal Indian Jewelry motifs, can look as contemporary as of today and now, as they were then! A new generation of today’s modern India has lot more to offer, designers from India are carving out their own niche be it Architecture, Fashion or Jewelry!
Just like today’s Indian, proud of our roots, values yet having a modern mindset, at Karma they create designs that are with Tribal motifs fused with Art Deco and modern architecture, truly named as ‘Deco Tribal’ Collections. 
Karma Designs, a Jewelry Design house was established in 2002 by Vivek Shah, an Information Technology graduate, a self taught entrepreneur. They have showcased at Hong Kong Fashion Week, Hong Kong Jewellery Fair, Tranoi etc. to name a few.

Unlike fast production and quickly off the shelve products as we wrongly assume as ‘throw away trends’, rather a common occurrence of various designers’ subconscious could be correctly be defined as a ‘growing trend’.

The fashion industry being most polluting one, factories around the world measure their carbon foot prints to reduce their polluting emissions. Sauvé, well thought and conspicuous consumption being the need of the hour, let us see how designers grasp the happenings around the world, their idea of how time rubs against culture and aesthetics, and the works emerge both influenced and defiant from the hours.

Creations of new age Jewelry Designers depict a need to break away from the past to establish the contemporary. Their current work reflects today’s visual timeline in history.

The year began with social awakening and political upheavals, Brexit with so called ‘Post Truth Economy’ we live in, season for greater inclusivity and body positivity – the new designs on Runways and Jewelry displays, across all – Precious metals Sterling Silver, Gold as well as Fashion Brass Jewelry, Granular metal stuffed with pave set diamonds, Interstellar bodies with a blasting effect and tubular hoops seem be evolving as strong trends for upcoming season this year. It is interesting to see how forms evolve or become outdated, how some works sustain overtime as ‘classics’, even for those who have norm core-luxe tendencies actually embrace trends!


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    Priya Sharma

    Hi Vivek, these are indeed the fabulous upcoming jewelry trends and I am sharing this post with my mom who happens to be a great lover of contemporary jewelry. I respect the time and efforts you have invested in designing this. keep up the good work!!

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    Nice articl! Explained everything in a great way and I would love to read more informational posts like this one.

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