Top 5 places to eat in Mumbai for a detox

Traveling to Mumbai any time soon?

Kitchen Garden by Suzette

Based on a farm-to-table concept, the menu boasts a wide selection of salads and sandwiches made of certified organic ingredients. Super picky about your veggies? You can custom make your salads with the Make-It-Yourself section of the menu. The dessert section is almost entirely gluten-free and the sourdough bread flies off the shelves. The interiors are nestled in mint walls and blond wood furniture with floor-to-ceiling windows that make any meal feel like a picnic. If you’re running on the go, you can always pick something up from the prêt-á-manger shelf.

The Pantry

You’ll begin your detox journey right with your first sip of water that’ll be infused with cucumber slices and lemons. With emphasis on fresh, local, organic and seasonal produce, the menu comes out strong with eye-pleasing presentation and lip-smacking taste. The vegan smoothies will make you rethink your non-vegan lifestyle. The café is tucked away in the artsy Kala Ghoda and boasts French windows that would make anyone walk in. As you make your way in, the interiors are reminiscent of vintage Britain with the doilies making appearances on plates and cookies in glass jars nestled on countertops. The English influence extends to the menu that offers quiches, pies, sandwiches and baked treats.


Peruvian Cacao, Norwegian Salmon and Iranian dates are just a fraction of the ingredients you’ll find splattered across the menu. This bistro and juice bar focuses on serving ‘world food’ with high-quality ingredients from far-flung corners of the world with a no-sugar and no-flour policy. In fact, the entire menu is gluten-free. The dishes are made using alternative grains and natural sweeteners. The smoothie list is impressive and so is the cold-pressed juice list. The breakfast bowls are perfect to kick start your day. Talk about beginning your day with Alphonso mango and chia seeds in a Japanese Matcha Bowl. Yum!


Farmers cafe

Minali Gaba, the founder of The Nutty Way brand of granola and granola bars, has launched  a health food restaurant called Farmers’ Cafe in Bandra , Mumbai. The Continental menu will feature cheese and herb omelette; eggs Benedict; country-style spaghetti (with lentils, kale and mushroom);  pumpkin feta risotto; chocolate almond pudding; and rice pudding. Open daily, from 9am to 11pm. Farmers’ Cafe, Shop No.2, Rita Apartments, opposite Bombay Salad Co., 16th Road, Bandra (West). Tel: 75060 15930.

The menu has a wide variety of food that moves across different cuisines from wholesome bowl meals with curries and rice to grubs like pizza, pasta, and risotto or breakfast goodies like Eggs Benedict and paninis .All the ingredients are sourced locally and are organic. Rajgira or amaranth pizza dough, gluten-free or whole-wheat bread, jaggery or date syrup sweeteners, vegan and skinny cheese, almond and cashew milk…a huge selection of health happy foods.

What I really liked is that they give back a part of their earnings to the farmers that they source their produce from.

Also seems like a hotspot for celebrity spotting. Do not miss this one !


This South-Bombay eatery offers the usual DIY-salads, smoothies and cold-pressed juices to go with the nutrient-specific menu curation. Low on B12? Get the Thai Chicken Bowl specifically targeted to replenish the nutrient. Improved metabolism? Try the Veggie Keto. The menu has equal vegetarian and non-vegetarian options and best part is that they did the research for you and curated dishes to provide you with exactly what you’re looking for; be it on a carb-day or a cheat-day. Unfortunately, they don’t have a sit-down format and are currently only delivering their dishes. They are perfect for a in-the-car meal on your way to the airport or right before a meeting.

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