I recently did ¬†wardrobe consulting for a client and I found myself going through his clothing styles from the 80’s to now. We all know that fashion repeats itself and though its important to hang on to some key classic pieces we must not get into the habit of stocking and blocking off wardrobe space for pieces which hold no meaning and use.

After our one week of meeting everyday and doing the wardrobe cleanse I wanted to leave my client with some resources which he could depend on for some style advice and give him a curated list of blogs to keep himself updated.



My vote for the ¬†Top Three online powerhouses for Men goes to ….

1. Mr.Porter

A global online destination with the most fantastic weekly editorial content which I’m sure you could get quite addicted to. I think their strength is anticipating the modern man’s demands and then supplying with full throttle. The grooming section is a must visit. Good to know that they now ship to India.


2. Off the cuff

Off the cuff was founded in the year 2006 by Chris Hogan. Its an award winning online menswear resource and consultancy. I loved the ‘Reading Room’ which links you to the most amazing articles. Whilst going through the blog I totally agreed with what Mr Alan Fusser has to say “Too often , magazines and celebrities , ‘style experts’ and self professed consultants focus on ephemera like of the moment, trends and looks that frankly don’t look very good. That’s not dressing , its dressing up like someone else.”



He Spoke Style was founded by Brian Sacawa in the year 2013. He talks about cultivating a “rich” life by living life to the fullest, following your pursuits and learning to appreciate the quality and craftsmenship in all areas of your life. A former musician and an elite level bicycle racer he has created a blog which is full of inspiration and lots of practical style advice.


It was a pleasure coming across all of this during my online journey for today. I’m full of ideas for my clients and hope all you men out there will find these resources handy.

Please feel free to write in to me for any styling advice or if you’re looking for a wardrobe cleanse.

I would be happy to hear from you in the comments section below.

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