How to pack for your next trip?
Going somewhere?

A few years ago when I first moved out of home for college, I carried a dozen novels, some photo frames, and 65% of my wardrobe. I’m not sharing this to reminisce but to indicate that I had zero sense and infinite love from my mother who helped me pack all of this and get it home at the end of my degree. Since this mishap I have done my fair share of travelling and gone on to go abroad for my Masters. Amongst other secondary lessons, my education away from home has primarily taught me how to pack light.
I get it, this might be a rare holiday abroad but shopping at home to dress well there only diminishes your capacity to shop there. Flights have baggage weight limits and so do your bones. Everyday is arms day with heavy bags. So take this from a 5ft-50kg human who has had to lug around three 25 kg bags, follow the following tips to make the most of your holiday:

-Make a packing list so that you’re on top of what you need to get.
-Keep in mind your plane’s baggage weight limit while you pack.
-Check the weather before you go. Plan according to the climate of the place. For example, pack an umbrella if there are chances of rain, and don’t get a hair treatment if you’re going to the beach.
-Pack according to your schedule. Pack modest clothes if you’re planning to visit a place of worship or take a fancy outfit for going out.
-Roll, don’t fold. This will also help you prevent getting creases in your ironed clothes.
-Roll fragile things between clothes.
-Put heavier things such as shoes at the bottom near the wheels for ease of use.

Start off with listing things down!
Start off with listing things down!

-Your keywords while packing should be “capsule wardrobe”. Take a few basics, switch them around, and use accessories to make each look stand out.
-10 items of clothing should be enough for two weeks.
-Repeat each outfit twice*. (*Terms and conditions apply) This depends on how clean the environment is going to be and if you’re planning to relax or go max. If it’s going to be hot or if you’re planning to walk outside a lot carry more tops.
-Wear a pair of jeans at least thrice. Mix it up with different colours, cuts, and styles. For example, ripped jeans can spruce up a simple sweater.
-Pack light coloured clothes inside out to protect them from stains.
-Use compression bags to vacuum pack your clothes in separate packets to get more space.
-Put worn clothes in a separate plastic bag so that they don’t stink up your fresh clothes.

Pack your solids and prints, basics and patterned and mix them to create multiple looks
Pack your solids and prints, basics and patterned and mix them to create multiple looks

-Make it a goal to take along three pairs of footwear at most. One for comfort and ease to put on (slippers/crocs), one for comfort and walking outdoors (sports shoes/ casual shoes), and one for aesthetics (sandals/ ballet flats/ boots).
-Wear the bulkiest pair while traveling to save space.
-Break into your new shoes before the trip to escape shoe bites.

-Choose neutral coloured: handbag, belts, and shoes that go with everything.
-Either go for a sling bag or a backpack. A purse will rip your shoulder apart. If you must, carry both a sling bag and a backpack and use according to need on a day to day basis.
-Always travel with a bag with a zip as a precaution from pickpocketing.
-Carry valuables and extras in a backpack on the flight to maximise your personal item that airlines allow in addition to the carry on bag.

-Bottles of shampoo and lotion can take up a lot of space. So don’t carry all your toiletries and a towel if you’re staying at a nice place. Hotels usually provide lotion, soap, shampoo, and towels.
-If you only want to use your products fill them in small bottles or buy sachets.

-Have photocopies of your passport and visa in your handbag if you’re going abroad.
-Don’t forget a power bank.
-Carry basic medicines for body aches, fever, cold, stomach troubles and so on.
-Take a folding carry bag while shopping to avoid carry bag charges.
-If you’re backpacking you only need to take some washing powder to wash clothes on the go.
-Pack electronics and toiletries in separate zip lock bags to mitigate any spills, and so that you find them easily.
-Label your suitcase or just add colourful ribbons to identify it easily at the baggage carousel.
-Check if you will need an adapter if travelling abroad.

There you go. Your mom probably knew all of this. But you didn’t go to ask her now did you. Get packing, bon voyage!