The Bae behind BaeBeeBoo

The Bae behind BaeBeeBoo

No shopping trip is ever complete for a mother without exploring the kid’s section. While the adult section has new trends, sizes and forms every season, kids wear has more or less remained stagnant over the years. More often than not, kids end up wearing the same old version of the sparkly pink dress or the cool superman tee. I got in touch with another proud mom facing a similar issue, Maggie Dumra. A proud mom of a little girl and a fashionista, Maggie decided to solve the problem herself and started her own clothing brand, BaeBeeBoo. BBB was supposed to be the one stop shop for parents who want their kids to stand out yet stay comfortable in their clothing; talk about Bae Kaftans. But Maggie didn’t just stop there, she wanted the brand to be socially responsible and has been donating a part of her profits to a safe shelter for children in India.

Here’s when my interest peaked and I asked her about her journey.

Hailing originally from Singapore and worked extensively in the television and film industry across Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia before marrying her Indian beau. She has worked closely with artists through her ventures like Pop M’art, an art jam event in Melbourne and her successful terrarium business in Hong Kong, all while consistently giving back to society like the art auctions she threw along with Ikea for Starlight Children’s Foundation.

There’s absolutely no doubt about Maggie’s creative instinct, business acumen and philanthropic identity. Her mother-in-law was in the garment-manufacturing industry and they had been working with women in Jaipur to hand-stitch garments. Hence, began the journey of sourcing fabric from India and getting it hand-sewn for kids and that was the beginning of BaeBeeBoo.

Despite the challenges that a start-up online brand would face ranging from competition from big players, distribution through marketing, the fact that any start-up in its initial years in a one-man show and staying true to the social consciousness that the brand was based on, BaeBeeBoo has been going strong since two years and their baby Kaftans are a huge hit.

They are coming up with a new collection called ‘Beespoke’ by the end of this year that is focused on functional fashion and also involved clothing for boys. Maggie aims to make BaeBeeBoo a household name within five years and plans on opening a chain of concept stores internationally that will combine play, food and retail. The brand strongly believes in the paying it forward ideology and seeks to ensure sustainability through ethical production and fair trade of goods.

The brands motto is a strong one as they quest to Save the world, one garment at a time, stylishly.

We all love to travel to Singapore now and then so I asked her to share some local tips

Her favourite places to eat in Singapore and she highly recommends are..

Jumbo Seafood @ Dempsey has a lovely colonial house setting and its Chilli Crab is a star dish. Afterwards, one could hop to a nearby bar in Dempsey for drinks. 

PO serves modern Singaporean cuisine. If you are someone who wants to have  a taste of local dishes with a modern twist, this one’s for you. Maggi’s personal favourite dishes are the Poh Piah (a DIY spring roll) and the Prawn and Seafood Noodles. 

Candlenut Singapore is a one-Michelin star restaurant serving Peranakan cuisine and specialises in curries. 

Sabar Menanti II serves Malay/Indonesian food and hits home for Maggie. 

Fat Bird’s Hot Pot Sichuan Chicken is for a lover of spicy food. It is served in a wok full of chicken and chilli and you can order other ingredients to add to it. The dish is constantly boiling on a running gas stove on the table. So, the longer you leave the food in the wok, the taster it gets. Maggie suggests washing it down with an ice cold beer or a plum juice.

How could we not ask a clothing label founder her top shopping spots? 

Dover Street Market for for cool exclusive high end and street brands 

Stolen is a Singaporean brand and do gorgeous work. They have even presented at Singapore Fashion Week. 

Exhibit is a fun and affordable brand. Its designed by a fashion influencer from Singapore. 

Keepers houses about 50 Singaporean brands, designers and artisans and showcases products from fashion to lifestyle. Much recommended for tourists to bring home a piece of Singapore. 

Gallery & Co. is the retail arm of the National Gallery Singapore. They curate everything from kids wear to stationery and it even houses clothes from BaeBeeBoo.

Look no further for that perfect Kaftan for your little one and head straight for some retail therapy for your munchkins.




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