We had a very interactive interesting fun filled session. surabhi exudes a warmth that is friendlyand makes you feel comfortable with her. the joy she takes in her work is reflected in the way she teaches

Abhigna Bhrambhatt

The thing that struck me when i first met surabhi was that she is very passionate about what she does, from being her client to becoming good friends and now working with her, its been a wonderful journey. she is such a lovely person, down to earth and absolutely fun loving. very glad to have met her

Krishna Lalbhai

Was extremely satisfied with her work. the makeup was natural and long lasting and i couldn’t have asked for better! the makeup learning sessions were also enjoyable and useful.keep going !

Vinita Patel

Its been more than 2 years , i did my sessions with surabhi ( founder of magnolia image consulting) to improve my wardrobe and overall appearance and im still reaping the benefits of the sessions spent with her. her knowledge on image building is commendable. she quickly developed an amazing insight into my personal style and needs for my profession and social settings. she is enthusiastic about her work, making the process exciting and fun. the information and skills she provided increased my confidence more, saving each time i dress for work in the mornings. i am a legal professional and board room governence expert, need to attend board room and c- suite level execuitves meetings day in and day out and need to dress sophistically most of the time to reflect the values of my profession and the tips she gave were very valuable. these improvements have caused colleagues to ask where i shopr from and they complimet my youthful look and style.. i would highly recommend her services which are well worth the time and investment.

Dr (H.C.) CS Shilpi Thapar

A talented makeup artist can transform a person into someone or something completley different , whether its for beauty, costume or just for the sake of art, it takes quiute a bit of studying and practice to master the craft. have known surabhi mehta for years nowbut recently had the pleasure of learninf from her and i have to say i am a transformed person. idid use quite a bit of makeup but the changes she made and taught me made a world of a differnce which i would have never known. shes amazing and besifes her being amaxing shes the most warm and welcoming person to be around. ofcourse at the end of my makeup sessions i was all smiles i wish i knew her when i was getting married

Brinda Patel

For a person like me who used to wear just black and dark colors, surabhi helped me bringing colors into my dressing style.she helped gain confidence to carry clothes that i would not have thought wearing. the experince was amazing as she is so talented that i got to learn a lot from her, she works and suggests in keeping in mind every individuals personal choice and helps them bring out the best in them

Pooja Thakkar

My experience with surabhi mwas excellent, she is a great mentor, her knowledge helped me socially, professionally and spiritually a lot, i am totally different person now with her guidance, thank you so much

Atri Agarwal

With a lot of international exposure, very high style qoutient and innate intelligence, surabhi is the perfect guide for style amd makeup services. she understtod me and my lifestyle and needs to add to my styling and recommended the ideal products and regimen perfectly. her patience and generosity add to her styling forte and will always be my ‘ go-to’ person

Roopal Shodhan

Surabhi Mehta provides high quality work, she is a professional having an eye for Design, Fashion and Photography. We wanted to  avoid the overly staid and look for our photography, which she rightly understood and gave fantastic photos!

Vivek shah Karma EnterpriseAhmedabad

Surabhi – Perfectly perfect! calm and accomodating… the best stress buster on your super stressed day.
Poonam Patel


The thing that differentiates Surabhi from the other bloggers or brand influencers is the authenticity of her blogs and her passion for the same. She only blogs about what she truly believes in and that I feel is rarely seen among today’s bloggers/influencers. I am so sure that this is something that her followers would completely agree with. Talking of our collaboration, it all started with Surabhi being a client at Musk. During our early conversations, she specifically mentioned that she might blog about us and our treatment if she is happy with the experience & the results. And when she finally did, it also influenced many other people to get the right awareness and become our clients. Her content is her experience and what her heart feels put into words. Apart from blogging for us, she has also given numerous invaluable inputs as to how we can improve or grow form where we are. Trust in a particular brand is what she imbibes through her blogs. To put it in a nutshell: If she blogs for you, then your brand is hers! ( not on paper but in her heart😊)
Dr. Anand ShahFounderMusk Clinic


Surabhi’s writing is creative, heartfelt, engaging and effective. I am one of those people who choose to do everything by themselves and I soon realised why I need to trust the specialists to do what they do the best. Surabhi uses her skillfull combination of experience and talent and ‘gets’ people. I cannot believe how far we have come in the past 6 months, my following and my clients have increased substantially.. A very big thank you to you for contributing towards fulfilling y dreams and helping me follow my passion to help people ..
Monalli Jaiin