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I have been a deep believer of cosmic energies and auras. And it was on one such day that I was reading up about Tarot that the universe made me cross paths with Monalli Jaiin from Aurum Taro. As I grow older, my need to meet like-minded souls is enhanced that much further and that’s exactly how Monalli also functions. One meeting and I just knew I had to write about her. Before we begin, it is important to know that tarot readings originated in the 15th century in Italy. The tarot decks are made up of 78 cards and much like astrology are a form of fortune telling. Readers and practitioners like Monalli have studied this art and vouch for their faith.

Hailing from a Brahmin family, Monalli has grown up with a deep love and admiration for astrology. She remembers clearly how puja paath, meditation, horoscopes were all a part of her life growing up. She believes it was her family’s spirituality that led her to this path of Tarot reading and astrology.

Monalli had a corporate job but she never felt the kind of happiness she experienced while she was studying tarot. She believes it is helping people or just being with them as a guide that makes her happy. It was while learning tarot that she began to find answers she had been looking for in her personal life as well and her belief just strengthened further. She began her journey with this practice in 2012. She quit her corporate job and decided to pursue Tarot full-time. She realised she wanted to make a significant contribution in people’s lives. She says, “It gives me a sense of strength that I have the ability to help people navigate through the ¬†tumultuous times of their lives.”

The worship room of your home should always be in the the North-East. The colours in the north are cool. And its considered to be the direction of water. So, the painting on the wall, the fabrics and any other permanent items you choose should be in cool tones.

Monalli is also well-versed with Vaastu Shastra, Numerology & Face Reading. She believes Vaastu is the most practical science because with that you have the ability to change things . When it comes to horoscope or astrology, we can merely know what is coming and what may happen but we absolutely have no power to change things. Vaastu allows us to make physical changes in our surrounding. I invited Monalli into my home and she gave me some great tips on changing the energy frequencies of my abode.

The South is the direction of fire and is associated with warm colours. We added shades of pink to the space and lit up some candles to make it Vaastu compliant.

She works with home owners and architects from the initial groundwork with proper measurements, AutoCAD, the plan, defining zones and creating grids. From the colour of your wall to the placement of your electronics, she advices you through it all for radiating maximum good vibes across your house.

Reading as an activity should always be done facing the North.

I asked Monalli what three beliefs, in her experience, does she abide by and strongly vouch for? And if they have worked for her and can work for others. Read on to know what she says.

1. Numerology in terms of name. Numerology is a mystical connection between our life and numbers where our name has a special significance. Just by modifying your name to garner a favourable number, people have experienced great results.
2. Nothing compares to charity. When you help those less fortunate, you automatically bring a shift in your own life.
3. Changing your signature.

Please note that the Vaastu suggestions mentioned above are pertaining to my home and information provided is generic. For a more accurate consultation, you can contact Monalli on +91 91007 57575 and follow her on Instagram and Facebook with aurumtaro


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