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SAAR is a budding flower, a two year old baby , run by two phenomenal designers – Shanaya Bajaj and Archi Mandalia. Shanaya has done her Bachelors in Fashion Designing from NIFT Gandhinagar and masters in Fashion Psychology from the London School of Fashion. Archi has a Bachelors in Business Administration from the HL college Ahmedabad and has a degree on Fashion Management also from NIFT Gandhinagar. They exude taste, elegance and passion towards their work that defines their brand SAAR.

The brand has grown as a team, understanding the design process along with the needs of their clients. Their aesthetics in terms of designing and business sensibilities have only amplified with time.


A quick run to their studio was so much fun as I got to see and meet their hardworking team.

Adding a sophisticated spin to their clothes they had to be my choice for ‘Designer of the Week’

They seemed to have nailed the draped dress which really caught my eye for its’ easy to wear everywhere’ look and of course that it would look fabulous on any body type.

They lean towards a minimalistic style with a hint of embroidery.  I found they had been able to strike a balancing act between the design process, the fabric, the colour, the embroidery and most importantly proportions.

SAAR aesthetics

SAAR is less into customisations and more into collection based designing, therefore the client goes for the designs from the variety they have to offer. In such a case, there is more understanding and transparency between the designer and the client. They are usually well prepared with the managerial bits, where in every detail is noted down from the measurement till the specific modifications in the outfit. Hence, this reduces the scope for challenges and elevates customer satisfaction.



SAAR caters to a wide range of age group, starting from 20 to 60 years old. They have worked for clients from different cities in India, however Ahmedabad has turned out to be the most progressive of them all. The approach towards contemporary fashion and clothing is more eclectic and welcoming today. Their clients understand and trust them for what they have to offer. They are ready to try different silhouettes and colours. The success of a designer relies heavily on the happiness of the customer adorning their outfit. SAAR generally excels in bringing out that happiness amongst customers!


 On emerging fashion and upcoming designers.

There is surely a boost in the number of upcoming designers these days. However, the situation in the market, in terms of designers and clients is directly proportional. There is an increment in the demand as well (i.e. availability of good designs and designers). Although every designer has their own fashion aesthetics and designs to offer, every customer also finds designers who match with their fashion sensibilities and needs. Therefore, it is a perennial cycle, never ending!  SAAR however, was very sure of what they wanted to present on their plate.


Luxe luxe luxe

This was just so comfortable yet chic! My absolute favourite and if you are thinking of throwing a party soon this could just be the outfit for you.

A versatile dress which is easy to dress up or down. A staple classic which is definitely a must have in any working wardrobe.

Wear this for your next brunch or perhaps a friends day wedding, in any which case this is sure to make heads turn.

Some dresses are just happy and totally twirl worthy.



SAAR Mantra

“We believe in giving meaning to the outfits hand crafted by us, fit for your contemporary and festive wardrobe. Embracing your body in every way remains key to us!”

“Be Confident and Comfortable in whatever you wear, rest will follow”



what I loved 

New age diffusion bridal wear, the fluidity of their drapes and the their ability to combine sharp lines and structures with architecturally inspired ornamentation.

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Styling and makeup

With the lovely Shanaya and Archi at their studio.

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