#PostForChange is a remarkable tour de force that connects an ageless philosophical idea of just being able to stress upon sharing with others: whether it is an idea, love or sometimes just a shoulder to lean on. Personally, I connect with this idea by being aware of my immediate surroundings. An act of kindness is a value and an attitude which can begin with family, friends, neighbours and extended society. Always looking at the big picture can sometimes make us forget to be compassionate towards people who make our day complete. Learning to create value individually can help us nourish others and then contribute to society at large. With love and compassion, like the bright shining sun, we can nurture a dynamic organism- the creative society. Its always the small changes that count; smile at strangers, remember to thank your employees without whom you cannot succeed, take time to talk to your parents everyday and show gratitude, hug them everyday, say the three most powerful words, I love you, no matter what, try and educate the children of your support staff who are unaware and unable to understand the importance of education, make time for your best friends in time of need, finally be kind to yourself which cannot be stressed enough, water yourself before you water others.

The idea of #VirtualGandhiMarch is to bring about a moral balance in an arbitrary and uncertain world where we live in today. Mahatma Gandhi Salt March was an act of non violence. He brought about a huge wave of change without even lifting so much as a finger. His non-aggressive approach paved the way for India’s independence through multiple acts of kindness. The #PostForChange campaign is revolutionary in the sense that it teaches us to be more socially responsible with our use of social media. It is time we start using our voices for things that matter and pay attention to building a world that’s kind. We honour this globally renowned piece of history by extending an act of kindness everyday. Acknowledge people who give you that helping hand and in return always give back.

My acts of kindness for this campaign have been spending more time with my ageing father and appreciating all that he has done for me as a single parent. My day wouldn’t be complete without my house support staff in my joint family. Sunita and Somu support me endlessly and allow me to balance my work life and home life. Lastly, I have been lucky to make a living for myself for my social media channels and whatever I make, I donate a proportion to a local NGO, KarunaKare, dealing with young adult cancer patients.


I would like to nominate @heenasomani @beenstergram and @vicksit to join the #VirtualGandhiMarch for #PostForChange and take the baton of kindness forward.