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How many of you had ‘Join a gym!’ as your 2019 resolution? If you are one of those people who are looking for a fitness solution or are dreading missing the gym everyday, we have tried and tested a perfect solution for you. 

Neha Sheth Mehta, a Reebok Certified Trainer, recognised the lack of a cohesive fitness space in the city that’s just over populated with gyms. With extensive training in Rehab, Pilates, Kettlebell backed with her certifications that crown her Master Functional Trainer and Certified Personal Trainer from the American College of Sports Medicine, Neha believes that listening to your body intuitively is what will keep you fit. And with over a decade of experience in the field, she does exactly that with her clients. 

“Listen to your body”

As you enter NuGen Quantum Fit, she will study your body, posture and form and tailor-make your workout to help you achieve your personal goals. Her regular classes run five days a week and won’t bore you with the same workout every week but instead incorporate everything from HIIT, Ropes, TRX, RIP, Kickboxing, Pilates, Tabata, Stabilising Ball, Power bag, Kettlebell and various forms of cardio and functional training to push you beyond your comfort zones and keep giving your body newer challenges to overcome. 

Neha’s fundamental aim is to help her clients establish a strong form and that will act as a basis of all exercise that is to follow. Even if you’re travelling, she will create a mini-travel based workout that will help you stay in shape. 

As a Thalassemia minor, I tire easily especially with my hectic work schedule. I am extremely particular about my meals but considering I’m in my mid-40s, my metabolism isn’t what it used to be. I sat down for a one-on-one consultation with Neha as she gave me her time and guidance to customise a workout plan that would work for my body type and cater to my physical and emotional well-being. I joined the 8 AM morning class and it is nothing short of a fitness party. With upbeat music, infectious enthusiasm and contagious energy; what a way to start the morning. And who better to work on your body with than the woman who trains Reebok Trainers herself? 

If the regular class is not what you’re looking for, NuGen offers Karate Classes, Self-Defence Classes that instructs Wing Chun, Zumba sessions and a special ladies-only class that runs from 10:45 to 11:45 every morning. Our personal favourite is the Fit @ 55 class that involves balancing and other mild activities because fitness should not be age-restrictive.

“ Sitting is as detrimental as smoking”

I asked Neha to bust some fitness myths for us and here are the top two that were definitely an eye-opener for me. 

“I am thin. So, I don’t think I need exercise”

Thin does not mean fit and fat doesn’t mean unfit. There are thin people with lifestyle diseases. And the primary aim of joining a fitness class shouldn’t be weight reduction. It is a lifestyle choice. It boosts your mood and metabolism. Other benefits include high strength and agility, more focus and overall increased productivity.

“I don’t want to lift weights because it will bulk me up”

It will tone your muscles, you will have a better frame and women don’t have the hormone testosterone so we wouldn’t bulk up as men do and the benefits of lifting weights are far higher like increased metabolism and increased bone density which are essential as we age.

NuGen’s eventual goal is to not just be a space for client fitness but also as a hub for trainers. They’ve had international presenters come in to train prospective trainers and if you’re someone looking to make a mark in the fitness industry, Neha is the person to learn from. Her philosophy is rooted in passion, determination, hard work and community building and perceives them as her inherent mentors. 

In my personal opinion, what sets NuGen apart from the rest is how Neha works relentlessly to update herself and her techiniques by constantly learning and attending workshops around the world and consistently keeping herself ahead of the curve. 

If you’re still wondering why you should get off the couch and get working out?

In Neha’s words,

“Fitness is not a choice, it should be important to everyone, shouldn’t it?”

You can reach NuGen Quantum Fit at

A Wing, 301/B1-B2 (3rd Floor), Shangrila Arcade, Near Shyamal Crossroads, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015

Or call them on  097128 12345

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