Linencut: An extensive linen range for the conscious fashionista in you

Make way cotton! There is a new kid on the block – Linen by Linencut- Contemporary Conscious Clothing
As the name suggests, this apparel brand is an extensive range of linenwear with stunning silhouettes that are as relaxing as they are comfortable.

Brought to you by our own city entrepreneur husband-wife duo, Anita and Prasun, Linencut is an eco-friendly, ethically made brand of linen garments for both men and women. I chatted with the duo on their journey of creating this label. At 60 with a career spanning over 3 decades in garment manufacturing, Prasun has the same energy of a 26-year-old starting out his venture. With infectious passion and bubbling enthusiasm, Prasun explains the concept behind Linencut – he wanted to create a sustainable and elegant fashion label and linen was the most obvious choice. He found out that linen was burdened with myths of high maintenance and therefore not the obvious choice for many. After extensive research, he realized that it is the healthiest fabric in terms of its benefits not only to the human body but to the environment too. Contrary to high maintenance, in reality, a simple tumble wash is enough. It is more breathable, absorbs more moisture and wearing comfort is higher.

Prasun, Anita & Myself- all in linen, chatting over a cup of coffee.

If Prasun is the technical brain behind the concept, his personal and professional partner – Anita is the one who is giving the brand a soul. A fashionista at heart, she knows and understands the pains of finding stylish and elegant clothing that fits every occasion. She is on a mission to make sure that Linencut garments find their way in every wardrobe and is working hard to create awareness for this misunderstood fabric.

Chatting over coffee at Kensville- Golf Club

The design philosophy focuses on three things colour, quality and comfort and has been defined with the help of Ms Villoo Mirza, a former director of NIFT- Gandhinagar. Born out of passion for all things natural, the garments are simple and elegant allowing for the fabric and silhouette to speak for itself. A block printed cotton garment may fade after a few washes, but linen like fine wine – only gets better and softer with time. Each of their pieces are versatile in a way that you can wear one to work in the morning and make your way to a party in the evening. It’s a work to weekend wardrobe. But there is more than just their design philosophy. It’s a life philosophy that they live by and have found a way to integrate it into their brand which is you gain only if you give.

Work to weekend wardrobe.

When Prasun first setup his factory almost three decades back, he always made sure there was no forced or child labour and working conditions were well lit and ventilated. Even today with Linencut, the philosophy of giving back stands strong for them and local artisanal crafts such as applique work, block printing and hand embroidery are integrated in their designs. My personal favourite are the sarees which have tassels made by specially-abled individuals. At their studio, they have created tables with specific height to help them work.The brand is not only eco-friendly but also community oriented.

Anita & Prasun at the Linencut Studio.

Tassels made by specially abled people, enhancing the look of the saree.

The doting grandparent duo aren’t planning to stop anytime soon. They currently have menswear and womenswear and are highly motivated to add maternity wear and kids wear inspired by their daughters and grandkids. They also plan on expanding into home furnishings with curtains, table accessories, bed linens in 100% linen

Subtle hand embroidery enhancing the look of linen clothing.

They are launching on October 19th 2019 at The Bohemian and it will be on till October 20th 2019. They will be having an online presence within a month and will continue to do pop-ups around the country.

Travel essential by Linencut.

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