How this floristry is popularising Ikebana

We all end up buying flowers ever so often from a local florist. Sometimes we have no choice but to buy what we see. Look no further get your dose of ‘sunshine’ from the ever so talented Mansi from Hello Sunshine Floristry!

Spending time with Mansi was just so much fun as I got to do something which I had never done before – Ikebana.

Fact –Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement. It is more than simply putting flowers in a container. It is a disciplined art form in which the arrangement is a living thing where nature and humanity are brought together. It is steeped in the philosophy of developing a closeness with nature.

We made a day of cutting flowers and making the most simple yet amazing displays of flowers arrangements. There was a sense of calm yet huge inner strength that I felt from her. She is determined to change the way we look at decor and exchanging gifts.

 A career in flowers is unconventional what inspired you to start Hello Sunshine Floristry?

Precisely the fact that it is unconventional. Doing something that nobody else is doing has an odd satisfaction attached to it. I believe that a person’s passion comes from what is really important to them in life. For me, it is aesthetics. And what enhances aesthetics better than flowers? I loved doing up my own home with flowers when we had guests. That’s when i realized that I could do it for others too because i never liked the arrangements you get off the rack at a florist’s shop. Even the bouquets that people send, what happens to most of them? They stay the same way they came in its plastic and go to the trash a few days later. I wanted to create something which is beyond all that. If you gift flowers, the receiver has to be genuinely happy about it. And so, I learnt Ikebana – the Japanese art of floristry.

Five years from now ….

Unconventional careers do take a while to pick up and you need to give them all the patience in the world. Lot of people appreciate my work but in the end, there’s always one question-Where is your shop? So yes, if i were to draw a picture, five years from now, i do see myself having a cute little shop where i would retail Ikebana arrangements, dry flower products and who knows maybe a line of pottery in which i do my Ikebana arrangements.  

 Three things which are unique to HSF

I would say the USP is that there’s always a meaning attached to what I do. I believe it renders a lot of value addition to the brand.

-All our arrangements come in their own containers. It adds convenience and makes a lot of difference to the aesthetic of the arrangement. 

-I do not throw away flowers after use. I dry them methodically and make potpourri (which smells amazing by the way!) or other dry flower products out of it. 

-HS Bouquetbanas (HS version of bouquets) have flowers in their own water tubes which constantly give them water and make them last longer. 

 Which are your favorite flowers ?

Well, since I currently source locally, I don’t get a lot of very different flowers. But i do get a kick when i find those baby pineapple flowers. Apart from that, from what is regularly available, i love working with Anthuriums and baby pink roses. And when i’m using a black container, I always look for orange Lilies. That combination is drop dead gorgeous. 

Like every kid she  grew up wanting to do different things at various points in her life. But all her dreams pointed towards the creative side rather than the intellectual one. For the romance in the space and freedom in work, she took up Architecture at CEPT University.  Architecture taught her to work hard, thinking beyond the obvious and technical design skills which she couldn’t have learnt anywhere else. During her thesis she came across a retail design magazine called VM&RD (Visual Merchandising and Retail Design). She single handedly managed that magazine for two years. It was during this job that she came across an Ikebana artist with a cute little shop in Bangalore.When she returned to Ahmedabad she felt the urge to do something creative and bring something new to the city. That’s when the cute little shop from Bangalore awoke from her subconscious. Interspersed with her love for aesthetics, she started learning Ikebana.

Customize your decor with their exquisite designs -flora and fauna.

Our personal favorite was this upside down hanging lighting option which can be used indoors or outdoors to spruce up any corner. Very quaint and all things nice !

So for your next little or big do contact Mansi to add her magic and make your space transform into a picture perfect haven! Also she has the perfect gifting  solutions to make that lasting Impression.

Check her out today


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