Event stylists to watch out for in 2018 – Pt. 1

Weddings, house warming parties, birthdays, baby showers, luxurious sit down dinners , brunches and every other occasion one can think of is being celebrated with lots of personalised attention and no aspect is left untouched or undefined.  Event designing has changed drastically in the past five years. Gone are the days, when event decorators worked on the flowers, stage and lights placed here and there. In this world, styling has become a way to a successful event. Its all about an experience and an event stylist provides you with just that. Sumptuous food, signature cocktails, scintillating music and the perfect ambience can make you the perfect host ! 

From the fancy beautifully styled weddings, hosts have now narrowed down to bringing out beauty even in their private parties and dinners. One believes that a hosts personality flows through the kind of decor and arrangements they make during their parties.

This is where Event Stylists come into the picture. From understanding the host’s tastes and choices to beautifully laying out a plan for the decor to actually executing it on the D day is what a stylist does. A great event stylist curates a perfect experience with their innate visual sense incorporating your desires and make it a reality.

We met four very illustrious brands who are taking their styling very seriously and are all in a league of their own.



As old as 11 years, Grafico by Sweta and Ashit Parikh was developed as a design studio for developing strategy, creative production and space styling for luxury and lifestyle industry. Their creativity attracted various clients and were pushed by one of them to design an event for 600 people. Thus, Event Styling came naturally to them as their next step.

Grafico, was one of the first few to start with professional personalised sit down dinners. They have brought to gather various event and parties for all occasions and sizes from brunches to large wedding receptions and musical nights for 2000 people.

“People unlike few years ago, are now well travelled and exposed to the best of cuisine, design and aesthetics. Clients want to offer an experience to their guests which is otherwise missing in their daily life” experiences says Sweta of Grafico.

Grafico believes in keeping it elegant, always. There is a lot of experimentation that they do making sure they stay within the boundaries. Grafico respects the existing space and further enhances it with their design concepts.

Ashit of Grafico shares, “We spend a lot of time on research and developing new concepts and themes. We customise design, most of our props, fabric, structure, etc. This involves fabrication, carpentry, printing and dying fabrics”.

Understanding, spending a lot of time and communicating with the clients to understand their personality, guest profile and importance of the event is Grafico’s secret behind their success as an Event Stylist.

With the on going race for niche and magical event designs, Grafico believes that today, people want to create a world class experience for their event. They are ready to have the best of food, flowers, entertainment that is required to be flown in from across the world for their event.

Grafico, takes their challenges and pressures as a motivation and pushes it to the next level. Grafico excels in their experience and exposure in Event Styling.

Advice to Party/Event host-

“Be open to new concepts and ideas. Do not try, play safe and do what is been done before.

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It was a journey for Anoli Shah, a NIFT graduate and successful upcoming event curator before she discovered her passion for Event Styling. She enjoyed designing her birthday parties that transitioned to setting up cozy dinner tables by using garden flowers at home during winters. Also, as a student at NIFT, she would participate to design creative events which eventually became a turning point to take up Event Styling as a profession.

From setting up sit down dinners, outdoor movie nights, bonfire parties, brunches, date night setups, exhibition decor to even varied kind of formal events, she has attempted these with utmost ease and perfection. She recently even experimented with wedding decor for traditional events like Mehendi and Engagement dinners that turned out well.

She believes that her goal in the coming future is to buy and set up more wedding decor. “There’s just something about bringing families and friends together in beautiful settings that is enchanting” Anoli shares with a grin.

Anoli suggests that today, Event curation is one of the most progressive market spaces. With so much evolution happening in design, people are constantly on a lookout for uniqueness, be it at events or any other field. She appreciates the greatness in knowing people who understands and values art and design to take it ahead in the demand-supply chain.

“For me, events are very much part of the artistic and design community. I believe that someone like me who is part of such a consortium constantly needs to be experimenting with trends while maintaining the style quotient” says Anoli.

As one of the youngest successful event curators in town, Anoli has made an impression of her own with her brilliant and niche event designing so far.

“Perfection, is something every client looks forward to these days and with the growing need for better lifestyle and scarcity in time there is hardly any energy left to devote to and personally look into the decor tastefully. That’s where stylists try and help one achieve that perfection”, Anoli shares.

Advice to Party/Event host-

“Always believe in the creative freedom and ideation of organisers. Let us bring the magic to you and pull off a beautiful, successful event.

Top Instagram Feeds she follows for her inspiration-

Anthropologie, where she interned and just love their aesthetic – anthropologie

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Good Earth- goodearthindia

Vandana Mohan from EDC- vandanamohan_wdc




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