How many times have you wondered if you’re using the right glass for your drink? From cocktails, wine service, liquors and beer, there’s a specfic glass keeping in mind the nature of your drink. If you ask us, it’s a science in its own. The stem, bowl, rim and the size of each part of the glass is meticulously designed so that we get the best drinking experience. We’ve compiled a list of eight glasses that you must own apart from the standard low-ball and whiskey glasses. This list will ensure you have all the necessary glassware to suit your experimental and classic drinking needs.

1. Highball Glass

This glass tumbler is used when there’s a large proportion of a non-alcoholic mixer that needs to be added to the cocktail. It is usually used to serve tall cocktails on ice. Pictured above is a Gin & Tonic infused with orange and mint. This is the glass you use when you’re making your next Vodka Lime-soda.

It’s quite the opposite of a low-ball or an old-fashioned glass which is used for neat pours of drinks.

2.Red Wine Glass

Glassware for red wine always has a larger, rounder bowl. This helps in aerating the wine and is easier to swirl. The large bowl also helps you smell your wine while you’re sipping it. The glass would also have a long stem to prevent the drink from getting warm through the touch of hand. Pair your red wine with fruits, cheese, nuts and snacks. For a full breakdown on what food goes with which wine, check out this post!

3.Grappa Glass

This glass is always small because this stuff is potent, it has the potential to knock you out. The shape is designed in a way that the bowl at the bottom controls the temperature and the little curve ahead gives out a bit of that lovely aroma.

4. Brandy Snifter

The glass has a large bowl to allow swirling but a very short stem so that the bowl can be cradled in the drinker’s hand and warm the drink. This is essential because snifters are essentially used for brown spirits like brandy and whiskey. We love to add a little cinnamon and slices of apple to our brandy for a perfect winter-time drink.

5. White Wine Glass

They differ from red wine glasses in terms of their bowl size which is much narrower. This is done to ensure that aeration is controlled so that the wine does not oxidise too fast. This is essential to retain the more delicate and lighter notes of white wine. Aroma isn’t as important with white wines as it is with red. We added a little thyme to our white wine. Try it and let us know how you liked it!

6. Pilsner Glass

These glasses are used for lighter beers like lagers and pilsners (duh!) The glasses are tall and slender with a very little curvature. The wide head at the top helps in retaining the foam at the head of the beer.

7. Champagne Flutes

Most common with champagne but staying true by all sparkling wines are the Flute glasses. With a tall, thin and narrow bowl, flutes ensure the bubbles from the champagne don’t go flat. The goal is to make the bubbles last as long as possible which is why champagne is supposed to be poured immediately after it’s opened. Flutes are used for Prosecco as well as cocktails like Mimosas and Bellinis that use sparkling wine.

8. Martini Glass

The name says it all! Classic and timeless martini glass with its conical bowl for temperature control. Considering it’s a cocktail, you may wonder why controlling the temperature is essential? Because this drink wouldn’t have any ice in it. It will be shaken or stirred with ice and then poured into the glass. Also, the cone helps in keeping the ingredients like olives, pushed together and the larger surface area helps with the aroma of the drink.

So, that’s it! the eight glasses you must get to perfect your drinking experience. Comment below telling us what your favourite drink is and why?