The universe is not made of atoms. It’s made of tiny stories.
– Moja Stovanovich

Storytelling at its very core is a craft. Reminiscing my childhood days in Calcutta with my grandparents, storytelling was an integral part of my childhood. Fortunately, I have kept this tradition alive with my kids even today with a little story session before bedtime. And again I wish to continue this tradition in my personal blog too.

A cabin crew member for over a decade, I funneled my experience and coveted knowledge into growing and building a platform for personal branding services. With a strong background in Styling, Makeup and Image Consulting, I have and can cater to individuals, organizations and brands that are keen on building a genuine long-term value based brand.

With pure expertise in personal and wedding styling as well as styling for photo shoots, I have never believed in following trends and will rather custom make strategies for your branding. In my unique creative direction, showcased through my portfolio and upcoming stories for brands already catered to, you will get to study the finesse we try to add to each of our client’s personal branding strategy. We can help you better communicate your values, beliefs and brand personality through our custom-made styling projects. Ultimately, this will lead you to create a compelling story about you and your brand.

To get more insights on what we do, who we work with, and how our personal branding strategy can help you and your business grow and keep you many steps ahead of the competition, get in touch.

There’s more in store!

Our stories section is also dedicated for others to share their experiences. No matter the medium with which we work, as storytellers we share a mission, and there’s much for our clients and readers to hear from those of other trades and backgrounds.

We want to know your story and communicate it in the best possible way to the world. Geared by sheer grit, determination and passion is the best description for people featured under this category. A constant fountain of meaningful content with a goal of connectedness: businesses to prospects, brands to brand advocates and people to people.

Are you a blogger yourself reading this? Good news! Guest blogging is what we encourage here! We passionately believe in supporting our peers by helping them connect and learn from one another. Recipe posts and book reviews will be the fun element of our stories. Are you a food blogger or a book lover and have a story to share?

Well, we love your story and want the world to hear about it. 

Stay connected.

Collaborate with us; write to us at for various possibilities for us to work together as a team.

In the end, folks, we would like to conclude with these great words by Joe Lambert,

“We aint nothing but a song…. a story”