Book Review: Where The Moon Meets The Mountain

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin

Where the mountain meets the moon is a heart-warming, action filled tale by Grace Lin.

Young Minli, brought up in the valley of the Fruitless Mountain is a bright and carefree child. After hearing tales about the Old Man of the Moon, and why her valley is named ‘Valley of the fruitless mountain’, Minli decides to set out to find the old man of the moon and ask him how she can bring prosperity back to her family and change their fortune. Throughout her journey she meets many magical creatures such as a dragon that accompanies her to find the Old Man Of The Moon.

While I was reading the book, it felt as if all the characters had jumped out of the book and the story was taking place right in front of my eyes.

This book is a powerful but simple read. It brings out the message that ‘If you truly believe in something, then no matter what, you will achieve it’.

I really liked this book because Minli was such an ordinary child in the beginning. But it was her willpower, imagination and persistence that made her want to change her fortune and achieve the extraordinary.

One lesson I learnt from the story was (as Minli mentioned in the book) “Fortune is not a house full of gold and jade, but something more, something much more”. What she means is that fortune is the gift of loved ones who embrace you in their golden gaze and thoughtful actions.

Review by Adya Sarin

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