Book Review: My Secret Guide to Paris

Book review

My secret guide to Paris

by Lisa Schroeder


My secret guide to Paris is a must read especially for travelers. Paris is a place with many specialties that are all displayed in the book. If you have not visited Paris yet, this book will make you yearn to go there. If you have, you know what the book is talking about and you will definitely visit it again. As the relationship of a Parisian fashion designer grandma and her yearning-to-go-to-Paris granddaughter seems to have ended, her mother steps in and agrees to take her to Paris. As granddaughter Nora discovers a secret treasure hunt planned by her fashion forward grandma, will she be able to find the treasure without her mother coming to know? Will she and her new British friend be able to enjoy the Parisian treats and chocolate Chaud’s with melting marshmallows on their visit? My secret guide to Paris, an interesting book, with incredibly interesting characters, the book has the perfect balance of enough inquisitiveness and drizzles of French vocabulary, this book hooks you on from the first line itself. Schroeder has used her words so carefully that they describe the place and create a backdrop for the reader as well. This book makes you feel right beside Nora and her friend Phoebe on the streets of Paris staring into the Louvre. It is a gripping book, although some tiny illustrations would have helped to describe the Parisian treats better. Her style is different but quite interesting. She also could have added a bit more vocabulary in English.


Shanaya Mehta


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