Begin your anti-ageing while you’re young with Musk Clinic

More often that not, we lose touch with our inner gut and keep lathering foams, lotions and masks on our faces, hair and bodies without ever understanding what they are actually doing to us. Are they even working for our skin type or is it just a potato on a stick that we are buying? In this age of hyper-consumerism, it is all the more necessary that we have a guiding force, someone to help us navigate through the plethora of treatments and surgeries available to us. For me, this force came in the form of Musk Clinic.

There’s just something about the ambience at Musk, as you enter their state-of-the-art facility at Shyamal Cross Roads. There’s a warmth and a sense that whatever you decide to do now, you’re in the right hands. It has quite effortlessly become the most vital part of my skincare regime. And upon meeting Dr. Anand Shah, the founder, your mind is immediately put at ease.

Being a board certified Maxillofacial surgeon, he has worked with the biggest names in the industry such as Dr. Walter Unger in New York City, Dr. David Berman from Palo Alto who is the longest practitioner of robotic hair transplant with a technology called ARTAS and Dr. Joe Niamtu with his exceptional number of successful face-lifts, rhinoplasty and blephatoplasty. Dr. Anand has not only brought back all of his years of experience but he made sure the clinic also had the latest technology and equipment. When asked about his decision to open such a world-grade facility in the city of Ahmedabad instead of a city like Mumbai or Delhi, Dr. Anand said, “I am doing this out of passion. Ahmedabad is a very dynamic city that is open to a lot of varied industries but they don’t enter the market here because there is not just a lack of awareness but also a lot of misinformation around. I wanted to combat that.”

Dr. Anand believes that facial aesthetics is not about changing the way you look but more about enhancing the features you already have. He suggests all his patients that the best time to begin your anti-ageing treatments is while you’re young. Skincare is all about prevention, not correction. All of their treatments are designed to be performed on individuals ageing 16 and upwards. There are no side-effects because of the simple fact that the treatments have their basis in scientific research.

For me, my skin treatments began with a VISIA Scan of my face that would give us a better perspective of my skin texture which would allow us to better customise my treatment plan. My skin was suffering from enlarged pores and sun damage and my treatments were designed to combat exactly that. I started with a chemical peel, a radiance therapy and ended with a carbon peel to successfully eliminate open pores. What makes me trust Musk is their motto of zero compromise on quality and safety. Dr. Anand says he wouldn’t perform any surgery or treatment on a patient that he wouldn’t perform on himself or his family.

In the past one and half year that Musk has been up and running, they have everything from basic chemical peels to body contouring, fillers and botox to hair restoration. It is time Ahmedabad enters the space and exits with a better version of themselves!

And like Dr. Anand says less is more, subtle is beautiful.

You can book an appointment with Musk by calling on 070430 06599

They are placed at 7/8, Ground Floor, Shangrila Arcade Shyamal Cross road, 100 Feet Rd, Satellite, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015

Here’s my experience with their BTL Treatment designed for skin-tightening!

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