5 International Bloggers you must follow

It is quite easy to get lost amidst the ocean of #Travelgram and #OOTD posts that we double tap on every single day and miss out on credible quality content. There’s just so much creative inspiration out there that it is almost impossible to keep track of all of it at once, no matter how much we would want to. That’s why I narrowed down 5 individuals that are doing some stunning work. They got in the game way before the world caught up and deserve to be on your daily double tap list.

Aimee Song of Song of Style

The beauty that has amassed about 4.7 million Instagram followers was one of the pioneers of the blogging movement. Her blog began back in 2008 while she was still studying Interior architecture and what was meant to be just a platform for her interior designing and portfolio shoot quickly changed into a personal style and fashion blog that now garners over 2 million hits a month. She now runs her blogging business along with being a sought-after interior designer. If that wasn’t already enough, she also has her own jewellery line and apparel line that stays true to her name and personal aesthetic.

Julie Sariñana of Sincerely Jules

Find her on Instagram and your eyes quite like her 4.7 million followers will be trying to grasp all the travel, food and outfit posts to the best of your ability. Hailing from Mexico, she is a lifestyle blogger in its truest sense; living a life that could be a source of envy for most people with her west-coast appeal. However, her readers have no complaints. And why should they? Julie decided on setting up her own clothing shop where her readers can buy the outfits they see her wearing in her ‘grams. Talk about a true influencer.

Tara Whiteman of Tara Milk Tea

If creating Flatlays were a sport, Tara would be the Olympic medallist. This 24 year- old design student globe-trots full time and flaunts exotic locales dressed in pretty outfits. Her adventures began when she won a trip to Paris & London through an #InstaContest and much like Midas, she turned that one flight into a golden ticket that now takes her around the world and lets her stay in gorgeous resorts and properties. She has worked with tourism boards of various countries and if you’re looking for any travel inspiration or tips for your next holiday, make sure you’ve scrolled low and deep through her blog.

Camila Coelho

While most beauty bloggers are taking the entrepreneurial path (Read: Huda Beauty); Camila with her combined following of over 10 million between Youtube and Instagram is staying true to her purpose. This Brazilian beauty blogger started off as as a makeup sales girl at Macy’s and now after eight years since her first Youtube tutorial, she is one of the most inspirational bloggers out there. A prime reason behind that being her relatable content. While most content is focused on aspirational styles, Coelho keeps things simple and re-creatable. Imagine if you could emulate your favourite celebs looks and not look like a complete clown, you’d like them all the more right? Keeping things real, honest and telling her readers that its okay to not always be perfect is the prime ideology behind Coelho’s work.

Chriselle Lim of The Chriselle Factor

A true visionary is someone who finds a gap in the market and works relentlessly to fill it. That’s exactly what Chriselle did. In an age where fashion content on Youtube was non-existent, she posted her first fashion-oriented video that was an overnight hit. As a professional stylist, she believes her viewers love the credibility she brings to her work. She quickly quit her job and focused full-time on her channel and eventually started her blog which is supported by her Instagram presence that has a million followers. If you’re looking for beauty tips, as a Korean-American herself, she is always trying out Korean skincare products and reviewing them across her platforms.

Whether you’re on the lookout for travel tips or makeup musts, flat lay squads or food shots, beauty buys or fashion finds; these 5 bloggers will make sure you have the right info and are up to date with what’s trending.

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